Monday, June 17, 2024

Norfolk men shortest in UK

Norfolk men are the shortest in the country, measuring an average of just five foot six inches, new research reveals.

The journal eLife tracked height changes in 187 countries across the world since 1914, and found Dutch men were tallest at six feet on average – while Latvian women were a striking five feet seven.

But while the British media picked up the fact our male population was five feet ten, it missed the finer details of the report highlighting stark contrasts within the UK itself.

Researchers found the average man in Norfolk was only five feet six – while Norfolk women were also five feet six… wide.

The stunted folk from up the A140 are believed to have evolved differently to help them navigate the bogs of Norfolk.

A study author told the Suffolk Gazette: “There is also evidence to suggest remaining small makes them less of a target for predators.

“A low centre of gravity means they can navigate their bog lands and stay safe. The women are very wide, owing to the local diet of dumplings.”

Norfolk menA Norfolk man, left, meets a larger neighbour from Suffolk
Locals have been innovative in coping with the issue, including putting cushions on their car seats and bulk-buying children’s clothes.

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