Shock as Aldeburgh twinned with Magaluf

By Peter Grimes, Aldeburgh Reporter

Aldeburgh, the posh Suffolk seaside town, is to be twinned with Magaluf in recognition of both resorts’ similarities.

The Suffolk coastal retreat, favourite among the county’s wealthy and thousands of London second-home owners, will now take on some of its new twin-town’s features.

Arriving this summer will be inflatable banana boat riding on the North Sea, 20 kebab shops, a Lineker’s Bar pub, and a new high-rise hotel.

Following on next year will be a tattoo parlor and a new mega-nightclub named Shagaluf.

These new attractions will sit nicely alongside the Edwardian facades of genteel hotels, the historic Moot Hall and the famous quiet beach in Aldeburgh, which only gets noisy when the town hosts an open-air opera.


Magaluf: flesh hotspot

Aldeburgh town councillor Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “This is great news for the town. Aldeburgh attracts a quite unique type of visitor, and we scoured Europe high and low for a suitable twin town so we could enjoy sharing traditions and fellowship.

“Magaluf in Majorca was the spitting image of everything we do so well here. We can’t wait to see the benefit.”


Aldeburgh: genteel Suffolk seaside resort

Some locals have suggested the inflatable banana boat rides would be unpopular because the North Sea is so cold compared with the Med.

But the council insists tourists will be so boozed up they won’t notice. It is studying plans to demolish the famous lifeboat station in order to redevelop it as a high-rise hotel.

Road signs into Aldeburgh, which recently banned a dad from the town for having a tattoo, are already showing off the new relationship.


Sign of the times

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Dear Editor,
Glad to see Twinning is still alive & kicking after Brexit.
Perfect match for Aldeburgh.

Jim Brown

Oh! Does this mean they will be banning motorhomes arbitrarily and without due and proper consultation in Magaluf too then?


Sadly no mention of the Potty Bar and all that it could bring to Magaluf….

Tarquin Cravat

Dear Suffolk Gazette As a resident of Aldeburgh for many years, may I express keen interest in this development. I have no doubts that the two towns share similar musical traditions. I am a little uncertain as to who the great Majorcan composers may be, but I am confident that we would greatly love to hear the sounds of the traditional music which echoes on the Magaluf beach front echoing on a summer’s evening in our town. I would hope that any arrangement would be reciprocal, as it would be so wonderful for example if we could stage a performance… Read more »