Russian cathedral fans devastated by Notre-Dame inferno

Cathedral fans Bohirov, left, and Petrov

Two well-known Russian fans of beautiful cathedrals have spoken of their sadness about the Notre-Dame blaze in Paris.

Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov said it was a great loss to cathedral lovers around the world, particularly the collapse of the big spire.


The pair, who famously travelled all the way to England to visit Salisbury Cathedral before going straight back home, watched the unfolding disaster on Kremlin TV.

“Our friends have been suggesting for a long time that we visit this wonderful cathedral in Paris,” Petrov said, while Boshirov added that they specifically wanted to see the famous spire and clock.

Both men were such cathedral fans that they were able to recite the height of the spire, bell towers, and how many pieces of stone make up the 850-year-old building.


Spokesperson for the Russian embassy in London, Lorraineski Fishov, 34, said: “Our people have a passion for cathedrals. These two gentlemen are well known for their love and deep knowledge of such things.

“They have taken the fire in Paris particularly badly.”

Borishov and Petrov were unavailable for comment, but were believed to be mining somewhere in Siberia.


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