Google confirms Norwich is inbred

Norwich is inbredd

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Google has officially declared that Norwich is inbred, it has emerged.

Typing in ‘Norwich is’ into the search engine (see photo) comes up with some interesting autocomplete answers.


But it is the fact that “Norwich is inbred” which is the most damning indictment of life in the backward rural city.

The good people of neighbouring Suffolk have always said big-eared yokels in Norfolk had evolved from generations of inbreeding.

Now, Google, which knows everything, seems to agree.

Search engine expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “If you ever need to check anything, you go to Google.

“Your investigation about Norwich inbreeding confirms Google is on the mark as usual.”


Bubba Spuckler, 28, who lives in Norwich with his sister and their eight children, said: “What is Google?

“We don’t allow the interweb here. It’s witchcraft.”

Out of fairness, Suffolk Gazette investigators typed in ‘Ipswich is’ into Google, which promptly suggested: Ipswich is a dump.

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