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Man with annoying leaf blower moves leaves from one side of garden to the other

A man with an annoyingly loud leaf blower has successfully moved all the leaves from one side of his garden to the other.

To his neighbours’ utter despair, Steve Walshe spent hours noisily blowing the fallen leaves in his back garden in Woodbridge.

Finally, he stopped, marvelling at the fact that all the leaves were now piled up on the opposite side of his lawn.

Neighbour Lorraine Fisher, 34, complained: “The noise of that thing is relentless. Unbearable.

“And we know full well that this weekend he’ll be back out there, breaching the peace while blowing all the leaves back where they started on the other side again.”

Leaf blower

The Suffolk Gazette’s much-missed Gardening correspondent, Anita Bush, always said leaves should be raked up, composted or squashed into the garden waste wheelie bin.

But Mr Walshe, 33, insists his new leaf blower, which he purchased for £39.99 last week, does the job just as well.

He said: “It is a leaf blower, and as such is blows leaves. Nowhere does it say it picks them up and tidies them away.

“You’d have to pay a fortune for that. Or do it yourself.”

When he is not being ridiculously noisy using his leaf blower, Mr Walshe likes nothing more than steam cleaning his patios and cars.

“It’s a little on the noisy side,” he admitted. “But it’s no louder than a vacuum cleaner. And you don’t hear people complaining about them.”

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