Man disappointed after ordering 34-year-old escort online

Lonely Steve Walshe was left frustrated when he went online and ordered a 34-year-old escort with a good body.

After getting ready for a night of conversation and female company, he opened the door of his Woodbridge, Suffolk home to find a 1986 Ford Escort car on the driveway.

“It did indeed have a good body for its age, with no sign of rust,” disappointed Steve, 49, explained.

“But it was not the type of escort I was after.

“Since my wife left me four years ago, I have been lonely and needed some female company.

“I found this site called Lorraine Fisher, 34, Suffolk Escort and it seemed just what I was after.

“But after much anticipation, it turned out I was to spend the evening with a beige vintage car instead.”

Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I think he got his websites mixed up. I am not an old banger, although I have been round the block a few times.”

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