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Public gets over Great British Bake Off shock

Great British Bake Off

By Arthur Pint, Entertainment Editor

The 54 million people in Britain who never watch the Great British Bake Off “could not give a toss” that the show is moving to Channel 4, it emerged today.

While the national media went into meltdown when “news” broke that the BBC had lost the series, most people somehow managed to get through the day unaffected.


The first show in the current series, now the last on the BBC, attracted a little over 10 million viewers, meaning there were 54 million in the country who did not bother tuning in.

One of them said: “I do not pay my license fee to watch people baking cakes, only for an old lady and Merseyside’s answer to Paul Newman to eat them and say how jolly nice they are.

“It sounds like Channel 4 is the best place for it.”

But the minority whose life is consumed by soggy bottoms and floury baps were furious over the move, which could see star presenters leave and, heaven forbid, the show off air for a whole year.

Edna Spratt, 48, from Dereham in Norfolk said: “It’s all I watch on TV. Now I’ll have to spend more time talking to my brother and our nine children.”

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