Saturday, May 11, 2024

Home remodel ideas you can do before winter

Home renovation is essential for extending the longevity of old residential buildings.

The renovation of these old constructions is more crucial during the winter when heavy snowfall can ruin unstable parts of a house.  A house owner should be aware of all aspects of home renovation that need the utmost attention before the onset of winter.

Replace with laminate flooring – Since wooden floors wear off with the passing time, it is best to replace the damaged tiles with laminate flooring. This laminate floor surface is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, moisture, and high temperature, rendering to low maintenance and better durability of this floor.  It is also easy to install the laminate boards over subfloors and the installation needs less time than other flooring materials. The laminate flooring also looks much better than other flooring types, due to a larger variety of colors and grain patterns.

Upgrade of kitchen and bathroom – As kitchen and bathroom urgently need renovation in most houses, homeowners should make sure of remodeling these places with the latest designs. The worn-out cabinets, vanities, and countertops should be replaced with new ones of larger dimensions. All faded surfaces may be freshly painted according to the new color scheme.  Damaged tiles of floors, walls, and splashback should be replaced to get a new look at these spaces. 

Repair of HVAC system – Old air conditioners and room heaters need to be repaired and serviced regularly to keep these electronic devices functional and to reduce the monthly energy bills. Thus, the servicing of these heating and cooling systems is essential during the home renovation. Sometimes, too malfunctioning HVAC appliances may need to be replaced with new models. 
Addition of crown molding – The crown molding is the decorative form of cornice installed over doors, windows, columns, and cabinets. These moldings protect these interior structures from snowfall during winter. Hence, old moldings should be repainted to make these structures stronger and more durable. The width of crown moldings depends on the height of the ceilings from floor surfaces.

Replacement of old bathroom features – Old faucets, sinks, and showerheads of bathrooms need to be replaced with new ones during the home renovation. Homeowners should buy only the best quality plumbing materials from reputed manufacturers. The faucets and sinks of the latest designs may make bathrooms more comfortable for residents. 

The walls and ceilings of the living room, bedrooms, and dining space, are freshly painted with the addition of stylish home décor items. Usually, neutral colors and lighter shades are preferred for low maintenance and elegant look of the home interior. 

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