British weather takes advantage of Leap Year day by sending more rain

British weather

The British weather has announced the extra Leap Year day means it can send us even more miserable wind and rain.

Gleeful rain cloud Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We’ve been having great fun giving the British something to moan about in February.

“And now we get to do it for one extra day. Leap years are great.”

As Britain gets soaked time and again, March and the Spring can’t come soon enough.

Office worker Steve Walshe said: “If this month hadn’t been bad enough, we have one extra day of it this year.

“Leap Year days used to be exciting when I was child.

“Now it’s just an excuse for the weather to take the piss.”

Britain continues to to be battered by high winds, driving rain, snow and flooding, and forecasters say February 29 will be no different.

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