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Coronavirus is causing clothes to shrink, scientists confirm

Fit to burst: shirts across the UK are shrinking
Fit to burst: shirts across the UK are shrinking

The coronavirus outbreak is having a surprising effect on our clothing, it has emerged.

Shirts and t-shirts have mysteriously shrunk during the prolonged lockdown, while trousers appear to have dropped two waist sizes.

Scientists now believe the COVID-19 virus is reacting to cotton and man-made fibres in our clothing, causing them to contract.

This leads to uncomfortable and unsightly problems in homes across the country, with shirt and trouser buttons threatening to explode.

Dr Lorraine Fisher, 34, a specialist in cellular and molecular biology and how the body interacts with tailored garments, confirmed the phenomenon.

“While everybody is stuck at home, doing very little, they have noticed their clothing is shrinking.

“I can confirm our early tests show this is down to the virus interacting with textiles in an unexpected way.

“If the lockdown goes on much longer, nothing will fit anymore.”

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