Drivers notice nothing new as Insulate Britain brings M25 to a standstill

Insulate Britain
BBC News footage of the M25 chaos

Beleaguered motorists say Insulate Britain’s coordinated stunt to close the M25 seemed like any other day.

The eco protestors closed off six junctions of Britain’s busiest motorway, saying they would continue to take action until the Government promised to do what they say.

But their actions backfired when motorists revealed the resulting queues and chaos were like any other day on the M25.

Van driver Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “If these people had a job, rather than being professional protestors, they may have had to drive along the M25 at some time or other.

“Had they done so, they would know that sitting around for hours in endless queues, usually for no apparent reason, is part of the routine.

“In other words, their silly actions made no difference to any of us.”

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