Monday, June 17, 2024

Dry January: the Lorraine Fisher guide

Dry January

Suffolk Gazette alcohol expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, has confirmed she is going to do Dry January this month.

The news is surprising considering she didn’t manage a Dry Day throughout the whole of 2021. Here is her Dry January Guide – and good luck if you aim to join Lorraine in this personal sacrifice:

Jan 1 – 8, Dry Gin

Lorraine says: “Compounded or distilled gin is dry gin. I find that if it’s too dry, make it a double, and top it up with tonic. This beverage has the added bonus of looking like water.”

Jan 9 – 15, Dry Cider

“Most of the sugar has been fermented out, making room for more alcohol. It is also clearer, so you can claim it is a lime juice.”

Jan 16 – 22, Dry Martini

“I like it dirty. If you put an olive in your dry martini you get a Dirty Dry Martini and one of your five a day. I have fond memories of getting it five times a day, so this brings back the good times.”

Jan 23 – 31, Dry White Wine

“By now, I am usually so thirsty that I need to get back on the wine. I can get through two or three bottles of this in a day, making dry white wine the perfect ending to my Dry January.”

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