Deliverance theme park launches on Norfolk Broads

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Duelling Banjos from Deliverance

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

A thrilling new adventure park based on the cult film Deliverance is being opened on the Norfolk Broads.

Visitors will be dropped in the remote countryside near Wroxham where they first have to play a banjo with a weird country bumpkin.

Then they are given canoes and told to paddle down the Broads towards Great Yarmouth.

But that is where the fun really begins as the locals, who rarely wash and have few teeth, are out for some entertainment of their own.

deliveranceVisitors get to paddle down the Norfolk Broads

Close to Stokesby, the yokels try to catch you, and if you get caught you have to squeal like a pig while being sexually assaulted (and that’s just the men).

Squeal like a pig in DeliveranceSqueal like a pig: visitors must escape the attentions of locals

Those who have tested the park experience for management company Mountain Men Corporation (MMC), say it is the scariest yet most exhilarating theme park they have ever been to.

MMC managing director Mr Burt Reynolds said: “Deliverance was filmed in 1972 and featured four city boys as they took a terrifying canoe trip through Georgia. It was a smash hit, and we wanted to reproduce the experience somewhere in the UK.

“We searched all over and realised Norfolk had everything we needed without having to invest much – there were rivers, rural wilderness, and very weird, backward and deviant local people.”

Local yokel: Just one of the Norfolk men employed by the park

The Deliverance park opens to the public in April. Visitors have to be over 18 and be prepared to die, but each party will be given a powerful bow and arrows in order to try to defend themselves.

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