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We do not bring good luck, insist white rabbits

Britain’s white rabbits have insisted they do not bring good luck, so don’t blame them if you have a crap month.

As millions of superstitious Brits woke up on June 1 uttering “White rabbits” for good luck, pale bunnies warn it won’t work.

Rabbit Lorraine Fisher, 34 (in rabbit years), said: “They say humans are the most intelligent species.

“Yet you’re telling me they believe saying white rabbits on the first of the month will bring them good luck?

“I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. I suppose you’ll be blaming us if you catch COVID-19 in June.”

Ms Fisher, who lives in her warren with her 76 children, said there was another bizarre human superstition that troubled her.

“Humans have been known to keep a rabbit’s foot for good luck.

“Well it’s not very lucky for the rabbit, is it?”

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