Suffolk Police offers free cocaine purity check


By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Drug users are being urged to take their cocaine to the local police station so officers can check it is not “cut” with damaging chemicals.

Simply take your pouch of coke to the nick and tell the desk sergeant you would like it tested for purity.


Officers will ask no questions, but conduct a free cocaine health check to ensure your stash is not cut with a toxic powder that dealers are currently using to make the drug more profitable.

Your drugs will then be handed back and you can leave the station knowing you are safe to snort the marching powder.


A Suffolk Police insider said: “We have been getting widespread reports in recent weeks of drug dealers lacing – or cutting – cocaine with a toxic substance in order to dilute the drug, sell more in weight and make more profit.

“This added chemical is affecting users’ brains and ability to function properly – and may end up killing them.

“So we ask them to simply bring their drugs to the station and ask us to take a look. It should only take ten minutes, but it is great to have peace of mind and certainly not to be sniffed at.”

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