Man confused as pop star he used to fancy is 75 today

Debbie Harry
Happy birthday, Debbie Harry (Photo: Youtube)

Suffolk man Steve Walshe has confessed his confusion over the fact that Blondie star Debbie Harry is 75 today.

Steve, 53, said: “She was my teen fantasy. I had pictures of her on the wall, she was the most beautiful woman and a damn good performer, too.

“Now she is 75 years old today; I had never thought of her growing old.

“I mean, I know it comes to all of us. But I bet she’s aged better than Paul McCartney.”

Another Blondie fan, Lorraine Fisher, 34, a woman, said a woman’s beauty was for ever.

“Blondie is as beautiful at 75 as she was back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“You’d have to have a heart of glass to think otherwise.”

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