Sunday, June 2, 2024

BREAKING: Donald Trump in his Lone Ranger face mask

Donald Trump wearing a face mask like the Lone Ranger
Who is that masked man?

This is the first picture of US President Trump wearing his COVID-19 face mask.

Mr Trump has revealed he now supports wearing face masks and even donned one himself which made him “look like the Lone Ranger”.

Unfortunately for the President, the Lone Ranger had a mask over his eyes with holes in it so he could see.

White House staff now have the tricky job of telling Mr Trump he has got the face mask thing terribly wrong.

Aid Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “None of us want to tell him because he will get mad.

“But someone needs to before he steps out in public like this.”

The photo leaked to the Suffolk Gazette shows Mr Trump proudly sporting his new surgical face mask in the Oval Office.

The news comes after he spent months denying they were necessary. And now he has finally come on board, he has got it ever so slightly wrong.

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