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Neighbours thrilled as schoolboy decides to learn the trumpet

Residents in a Suffolk street were celebrating today after little Barnaby Fisher, ten, announced he was going to take up the trumpet.

Neighbours in Little Brimmer Road, Ipswich, can’t wait to hear how young Barnaby gets on.

Steve Walshe, who lives next door, said: “This is excellent news. Youngsters playing a musical instrument – what’s not to like?

“I have to say the trumpet will sound splendid at all hours of the day.

“It will be interesting listening to him trying to get a note. Within a few months, who knows, he might string a few together to make something resembling a tune.

“I expect my cat will leave home. But that’s a small price to pay for blossoming musical talent.”

Proud mum Lorraine Fisher, 34, said she can’t wait for Barnaby to start practising at home.

“He is going to be so good,” she squealed. “And then he can take his trumpet on holiday to Aldeburgh and everyone there will love listening to him, wishing their own children were so clever.”

Suffolk Gazette music critic Peter Grimes said it was unlikely that Barnaby would turn out to be the next Louis Armstrong.

“But I’m sure everyone will be urging him to play as much as he can at home to give him every chance of success.”

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