Monday, July 15, 2024

NASA now searching for signs of intelligent life in Norfolk

NASA scientists have confirmed their next mission is to search for any signs of intelligent life in Norfolk.

After finding out much about Mars, boffins say they are now determined to find evidence of electricity, working Internet and intelligent species in the remote East Anglian county.

“It’s one of the UK’s unexplored outposts,” explained NASA’s Dr Lorraine Fisher, 34. “Our initial satellite imagery data suggests some conditions may be suitable for life, but such is the hostile nature of the area we are not too hopeful.

“Norfolk is a very long way away and takes many years to get to – this makes it our toughest mission yet.”

People in Suffolk have been convinced there is something stirring in Norfolk for years – with legendary tales of sloth-like figures with six fingers and massive webbed feet roaming the Norfolk Broads area.

Is there anybody out there? NASA’s satellite imagery of Norfolk

Halesworth scientist George Smith said: “It does not seem plausible that the only intelligent life in East Anglia can be in Suffolk. These are exciting times and we are all staring out to Norfolk from our observatories with hopes of spotting something amazing.”

The NASA teams aim to send their exploratory craft along the space highway — codenamed the A11 — and beam back pictures that may prove their hunch of life is correct.

A spokesman said: “With so much water apparently available in the Norfolk Broads area, that is where we will begin our search for intelligence. We’ll be trying in the Wroxham district first.”

They hope that once conditions for life are confirmed, with the availability of electricity, humans will be able to populate the county.

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