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Modern Art: Is it sh*t?

Modern Art: Is it sh*t?
Modern Art: Is it sh*t?

IPSWICH TOWN CENTRE – In the heart of Ipswich, a modern art sculpture has become the latest canvas for public commentary, sparking a viral sensation after being adorned with less-than-glowing feedback.

Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

A tweet, featuring a snapshot of the statue outside Ipswich Central Station, quickly gained traction as hundreds of amused onlookers weighed in on the graffiti’s blunt assessment: “Fuck is this?”

More diversity

The subject of this artistic critique? None other than the Millennium Milepost, originally unveiled in the year 2000 to aid navigation along the National Cycle Network. With its recent relocation to Dope Street and a fresh makeover in August, the sculpture found itself thrust into the spotlight once again—albeit not in the manner its creators had envisioned.

A spokesperson for Ipswich Arts Council said of the installation: “Artists from across the four countries of the United Kingdom were commissioned to design Millennium Mileposts and more than 1,000 were installed across all corners of the UK.

Following our diversity and inclusivity policy, the artist selected to create our sculpture… was blind.”

Modern art sculpture failure

The Millennium Mileposts were intended to serve as functional landmarks for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Yet, despite their noble purpose, not even these well-intentioned sculptures were immune to Ipswich folk’s unfiltered candour.

Indeed, in a city known for its no-nonsense attitude and straight-talking residents, the graffiti incident served as a blunt reminder of Ipswich’s dry charm. “Brutal… but honest,” remarked one observer, encapsulating the sentiment shared by many.

Perhaps the most observant criticism of all offered on social media was an uncanny comparison to TVs Lisa Simpson, Doh!

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