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British Museum stole our ancient stone – Egypt blamed

British Museum stole our ancient stone - Egypt blamed

The British Museum, located in Bloomsbury, London, is a public museum dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its collection of over EIGHT MILLION works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence. It was the first, and is still, the best public national museum in the world.

So why is it that the only time you read about it in the press, is when some tiny, unimportant foreign country with no proper history of its own, like Greece, or Egypt for example, accuses it of theft?

French Midget

The Elgin Marbles are from Greece, and the Rosetta Stone is from Egypt. Obviously, Duh! That’s where colonialist Brits stole them from, but what about finders keepers, eh?  And what about, if a sheep walks onto your land then it belongs to you?

British Museum possessions

Well, The marbles and the stone ‘walked’ into British Museum at the start of the 19th Century and they have been quite happy ‘grazing’ here ever since. And BTW, we took the Rosetta Stone off of French midget, Napoleon who had already nicked it from the Egyptians during his invasion of 1798. What about that, eh?

And while we’re on ‘what abouts’… what about ‘diversity’? Why is it that the Brits are supposed to celebrate the ‘diversity’ of having hundreds of thousands of Greek & Egyptian people living in the UK, but when it comes to one or two measly little treasures out of EIGHT MILLION then all of a sudden it’s ‘Repatriation! Repatriation!’ What about that?

Someone Loves Diversity

Speaking as someone who LOVES DIVERSITY, this reporter says… let the stones and marbles stay in the British Museum…

…along with the 7,999,966 other bits we nicked from the rest of the world.

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