Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Matt Hancock to announce new tiers to clear up confusion

By Phil Ward, Health Correspondent

The Government is unveiling new tiers to clear up any lingering lockdown confusion.

Health secretary Matt Hancock will confirm some tier restructuring so nobody can be left in any doubt about what they mean.

The Suffolk Gazette has been shown some of the measures to be announced at a press conference later, including:

  • Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol will be relocated to Wales and will, therefore, now be in tier 6.9
  • Newcastle will move to Scotland under Nicola Sturgeon’s control
  • Stevenage slides into Oxfordshire and so takes on that county’s 73/4 tier
  • London migrates to Milton Keynes, so is a basic tier 5 and a bit
  • Suffolk is now a city in tier 8(a)
Matt Hancock
Tiers of a clown: Matt Hancock (Photo Richard Townshend under CC)

Downing Street spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “There seems to have been a little confusion about the tier system and lockdown rules.

“We have worked on measures to simplify matters, and these will make things much easier for people to understand.

“There is now no excuse for anyone to claim they have no idea what is going on.”

Conspiracy theorists believe Mr Hancock deliberately leaked details to the Suffolk Gazette because he follows us on Twitter.

This is actually true, a rarity for our editorial team – see below image.

Matt Hancock on Twitter
Matt Hancock gets his news from the Suffolk Gazette

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