Friday, May 3, 2024

Kim Jong-un addicted to FIFA 18 on his Xbox

Kim Jong-un on his Xbox

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is addicted to his Xbox and plays FIFA 18 for hours every night, it has been revealed.

He even battles online against people from around the world, who would be astonished if they knew their opponent’s real identity.

Mr Jong-un spends all his free time on his sofa glued to the FIFA 18 game – so much so that he is considered a high-skilled player, and his screen name TheBossDPRK features high on the worldwide leaderboard.

With the North Korean team being poor in the EA Sports game, the leader has adopted English club side Ipswich Town FC as his favourite to play with.

A North Korean regime spokesman said: “Kim Jong-un plays as Ipswich Town as he has a holiday caravan on the Suffolk coast. Her has proved how good he is by getting them promoted into the Premier League and then winning the Champions League.

“He takes on all comers – if only those people knew who they were really up against!”

Some have said they are sceptical about why the news is now being “leaked” about the leader playing on his Xbox.

But political analysts say it is part of a carefully-choreographed change of image.

Expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “First Kim Jong-un met the Chinese leader, then the President of South Korea. And soon he will be meeting Donald Trump.

While promising to abandon nuclear tests, he wants the world to see him as just a normal person, not some inhumane dictator who suppresses his people.

“Being thought of as a regular guy playing football on his computer is part of this staged impression they are trying to portray.”

However, our investigations reveal there is indeed an Xbox player using the name TheBossDPRK who is one of highest in the FIFA 18 rankings.

An insider at Ipswich Town said: “While we do not endorse the policies of Mr Kim Jong-un, we are glad to see he has impeccable taste by choosing to play as Ipswich Town on his Xbox.

“We are currently searching for a new manager after the departure of Mick McCarthy, so perhaps he would like to apply?”

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