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‘I’ll press nuclear button like this’, Trump warns Kim Jong-un

Trump to press nuclear button

US President Donald Trump showed Kim Jong-un exactly how he would destroy North Korea if the rogue state stitched him up at their historic meeting.

A visibly shocked Mr Jong-un watched as Mr Trump gesticulated how he would press his very big nuclear button.


And the message was clear: mess with the United States and you’re toast.

The pair met in Singapore for face-to-face talks, a summit that many said could never happen.

With the two having traded insults with each other, the delicate talks were on a knife-edge.

But Mr Trump put Mr Jong-un in his place by threatening him with immediate nuclear destruction.

Associated Press journalist Lorraine Fisher, 34, who was covering the meeting said: “The pair met and shook hands, and it seemed everything was going as planned.

“But then Mr Trump couldn’t resist threatening to Nuke the North Korean leader.

“He held up him thumb and said, ‘This is how I’ll push the button’.

“It took a moment or two before the translator got the message across to Kim Jong-un, and did not seem amused.”


However, the chilling threat appeared to have worked, because the rest of the summit went off without a hitch.

Mr Jong-un did remind Mr Trump that he had a pet cat in his office back in Pyongyang that could accidentally step on his own nuclear button at any time.

The pair of leaders shook hands, ate lunch and talked about prospects for the World Cup, before going their separate ways.

Mr Jong-un, who loves playing FIFA 18 on his Xbox, had asked Mr Trump to be quick about lowering sanctions because he had lost so much money at his trip the previous evening to a casino in Singapore.

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