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Kevin the Carrot leading gay double life shocker

Kevin the carrot is secretly gay

Superstar Kevin the Carrot, whose showbiz career was launched by Aldi Christmas TV ads, is leading a double life, The Suffolk Gazette on Sunday can reveal.

Fan hysteria has hit Aldi stores where Kevin makes regular appearances. Shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on him.

He shot to fame when Aldi did a spoof of the famous Christmas Coca-Cola truck hurtling into town.

Kevin was driving and ended up with the giant truck hanging off a cliff. But he and wife Katie were saved for Christmas.

But on Friday night, Kevin, father of three, was seen sneaking out the back entrance of Aldi in Ipswich – with Colin the Courgette.

They were both literally legless and holding on to each other. An eye-witness saw them lurch over to a group of men dressed like The Village People who were heading off to a Pride Rally at a nearby nightclub.

Kevin the Carrot

In the early hours, a Suffolk Gazette investigative reporter and a paparazzi snapper confronted Kevin the Carrot and Colin to get to the root of the story.

Fans had no idea that their married idol had been leading a life underground.

Kevin admitted: “I’m so ashamed for cheating on my wife, Katie. She will be boiling mad. Carrots often lead mucky lives but they try to keep it from the public.

“Actually, I’m glad it’s out. I’ve been blackmailed by wicked Pascal the Parsnip.”

Katie said: “Now That Kevin’s admitted it I will try to make our marriage grate again.

Colin the Courgette confessed: “It was all my fault, man. I groomed Kevin and thought we could have a simmering affair. I was wrong and will back off now he’s given me the chop.”

Ipswich Vegetable Liaison Officer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “In enlightened times there is nothing wrong with being gay.

“But people will be shocked that Kev has come out of the kitchen closet because he has made a fortune by building his image as a family man.

“Poor Katie has enough on her plate as it is.”

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