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Sprout shortage set to ruin Christmas

sprout shortage

By Ivor Traktor, Farming Correspondent (intern)

As if Britain hasn’t had a bad news this year already, it’s emerged there will be a shortage of sprouts this Christmas.

Everyone’s favourite festive vegetable will be missing from many Christmas Day dinners.


The drought-like conditions across the country in the summer made for virtually impossible planting and growing conditions for the tasty green treats.

Now supermarkets are bracing themselves for shortages ahead of the traditional Yuletide rush to stock up for the holidays.

Retail bosses fear there could be near rioting in the aisles as shoppers push and shove to grab whatever meagre sprout rations are put on the shelves.

National Sprout Federation chairperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, warned: “It’s been a terrible time for the sprout crop.

“We’re predicting outages across Britain, bringing misery to most Christmas meal celebrations.

“The summer heatwave, while pleasant enough at the time, has meant most sprouts will not grow in time for the winter harvest.

“You’ll have to have peas with your turkey this year.”


However, the sprout shortage news was met with joy by Britain’s children.

Steve Walshe, aged seven, from Woodbridge, said: “It’s the worst part of Christmas. Sprouts make me sick yet I am forced to eat one or I can’t have Christmas Pudding.”


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