Monday, June 24, 2024

Norwich players banned for high-six celebration

Six fingers

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Two Norwich City players have been banned by the FA following a controversial high-six goal celebration.

James Maddison and Wes Hoolahan will both now be forced to sit out for three games.

They made the high-six – patting their six-fingered hands together – after Maddison scored in Saturday’s disappointing home draw with Preston.

The high six, banned by the FA six years ago for being utterly offensive, was caught on camera and caused a storm of outrage on Twitter.

FA spokesman Jim Milroy said: “We have reviewed the available video evidence.

“It is quite clear that the two Norwich player did a high-six, a clear contravention of the rules.”

Only the Norfolk club is even capable of a high-six, although rumours are emerging of attempts to do so at Peterborough United, Exeter City and Lincoln.

An insider at Carrow Road said: “We have spoken to the whole squad and warned them about offensive behaviour.

“They are highly paid individuals even if they do have six fingers on each hand.

“They are supposed to set an example because do not want everyone in Norfolk going around high-sixing.”

But Norwich City fan Bubba Spuckler, who lives in Downham Market with his sister and their eight children, was not impressed.

“It’s normal for Norfolk,” he said.

“Next they’ll be telling us not to have such close family relationships.”

Saturday’s game was also newsworthy after Norwich super fan David ‘Spud’ Thornhill was asked to become the fourth official for the final ten minutes after the linesman got injured.

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