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Grimm outlook for Hadleigh care home residents

Grimm outlook for Hadleigh care home residents

An unusual property listing in the picturesque town of Hadleigh, Suffolk, has captured the attention of Christmas house-hunters.

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Mrs. Witchetha Hagg, the widowed wife of a local butcher. She has put her house in Hadleigh on the market for a sweet £750,000 – its unique selling point? It’s made entirely of gingerbread!

Hagg, a renowned cake and pie maker, is eager to retire to the local Sunset Care Home before Christmas. She hopes for a swift sale of her unique abode. The wonky gingerbread house, a sugary spectacle that has become a local landmark.It is reminiscent of an enchanting cottage from a Grimm brothers fairytale.


It’s not all sweetness and light though, as old Hagg is notorious in the village for her tendency. To entice young passersby inside with the promise of endless cake and candy. Last year, siblings, Hansel and Gretel Leiderhosen, reported an encounter with Mrs. Hagg. Claiming she invited them into her gingerbread hovel while they were out laying trails of breadcrumbs. Wisely, they declined the offer as she allegedly gestured toward the front door with a slightly ominous meat cleaver in her hand.

Hadleigh’s dream home

For now, the gingerbread house remains on the market as potential buyers are torn between the allure of a confectionary dream home and the lingering tales of Mrs. Witch’s hospitality gone slightly askew.

As Christmas draws closer, locals wonder if anyone will take the bite and become the new owner of Hadleigh’s very own gingerbread dwelling. Mrs. Hagg, with her cleaver and culinary skills at the ready, remains hopeful of a sugary-sweet retirement, while the existent residents of Sunset Care Home are not so sure.

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