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Man with ginger hair turns to dust on hottest day of the year

Steve Walshe, RIP

Local ginger-haired man Steve Walshe has perished after ill-advisedly stepping outside on the hottest day of the year.

Mr Walshe, 39, from Woodbridge, turned to dust as his red hair and pale skin succumbed to the heat.

His devastated partner Lorraine Fisher, 34, found the tell-tale pile of ginger dust on the patio by the back door.

She called the ambulance service, but there was nothing medics could do to save recruitment company boss Steve.

‘The wind blew some of his away’

“I always told him to wear a hat and long trousers when the sun comes out,” Lorraine said tearfully.

“He only popped into the garden to put some washing out – now he has gone.

“The wind even blew some of him away before I had finished collecting with the dustpan and brush.”

Temperatures in Suffolk were expected to reach at least 32 degrees, the hottest of the year so far.

All red-headed people were urged to keep out of the sun.

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