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Ed Sheeran puts on Halloween disguise, looks better

Ed Sheeran Halloween

Suffolk singing sensation Ed Sheeran donned a terrifying Halloween disguise and immediately looked much better.

Ed made the huge improvement to his looks for a concert in New Orleans in the US last night.


This picture, taken by local paper The New Orleans Advocate (photo: Scott Threlkeld), shows our local boy with hideous black eyes, soiled chin and blood running out of his mouth and from his nose.

The effect was brilliant, hiding his normal pasty, weird face.

Sheeran, who lives near Framlingham and based his Castle on the Hill hit on the town’s, er, castle, is considering keeping the makeup on for the foreseeable future.

Fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “When he came on stage covered in that terrifying makeup, he was instantly more attractive.

“I urge him to keep this disguise for as long as possible.”


According to the New Orleans Advocate, a real newspaper, Sheeran “accentuated his take on Prince Harry’s wedding day uniform with zombie/vampire make-up that grew more distressed as the show progressed. ‘I don’t know if this make-up is sweat-proof’. He wiped the fake blood from his nose. ‘It’s all kinds of awful’.”

This is not the first time Sheeran has made the news pages of the Suffolk Gazette. We revealed how fans ruined a carrot crop after mistaking a ginger-haired scarecrow for their idol.

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