Monday, June 3, 2024

Norfolk family ‘disgusted’ at seeing a giant mouse in Disneyland restaurant

A furious family from Norfolk has demanded Disneyland Paris call in pest controllers after spotting a giant mouse in a resort restaurant.

Billy Spuckler, his sister Dolly and their five children were on their first ever trip abroad, and had been looking forward to Disney for months.


But after arriving at the Paris theme park they were in for a big shock.

“We decided to go for a meal and were disgusted to see a giant five-foot mouse in the restaurant, wandering about bold as brass,” Mr Spuckler explained.

“The staff didn’t do anything about it. They seemed pleased it was there.

“Other guests also seemed happy to see it. It’s disgusting that a mouse is in a restaurant like that. I complained to Disney representatives and told them to get pest controllers in, or at least set a trap.

“We left the park straight away and won’t ever go back. It’ll be Great Yarmouth for us this summer holiday.”


Lorraine Fisher, 34, from the Disney communications department, confirmed there had been an unfortunate incident with a family from Norfolk.

“They did take exception when Mickey Mouse walked into the restaurant to greet guests. Thankfully Minnie wasn’t with him or they would have gone apoplectic.”

The complaint could put Disney off from opening a new theme park in Norfolk.


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