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Redecorating your kitchen in 2020

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When it comes to redecorating your home, people often forget the kitchen and focus on the living room, bedrooms and hallways. The only time you really see people decorating their kitchen is when they go all in and get a completely new kitchen.

But you can bring a new lease of life to your kitchen without a full kitchen refit, with some simple small tasks that won’t break the bank or take your kitchen out of commission for weeks. So here are our tips for redesigning your kitchen in 2020.

De-Clutter the kitchen

The first step is a simple one, that will nevertheless make your kitchen look infinitely better and that is simply de-cluttering. It may not seem like a big deal, but having countertops littered with small appliances will make your kitchen look crowded.

The standard appliances like microwaves, toasters and kettles can stay out, because it’d be too much hassle to constantly be taking frequently used appliances out of your storage space. But items which see infrequent use such as blenders, panini press, smoothie makers, etc, should be put into a cupboard or storage space. You’ll notice that your kitchen will look a lot cleaner after this.

Repainting walls

Next step, break out the paint cans, pick a colour that you want to go with as your kitchen colour theme, you’re going to want to have a colour theme that isn’t too over the top, maybe a nice neutral set of colours like earth tones or white and grey, so we have a few great colour schemes below.

Natural Earthy Tones: This includes natural looking colours, such as, grey, brown, green and yellow.

White And Grey: This is a classic for kitchens, white and grey make a sharp pairing to make your kitchen look fresh.

Tans And Browns: Another classic colour pairing of beige and tan, although it doesn’t sound exciting at first, it helps to create a n elegant looking kitchen.

Just make sure that when you’re painting your kitchen you use a high-quality paint designed specifically for kitchens because of the possibility of staining and water vapours.

Kitchen blinds

Now, most people don’t have any window dressings in their kitchen for whatever reason, but a set of kitchen blinds can give your kitchen a completely new feel. Just make sure that you get made to measure blinds, as lots of standard blinds won’t fit a kitchen window due to the fact kitchen windows are often wide, so you need to get made to measure wide blinds.

You then need to work out what sort of blinds you want, there are plenty of options, but we’d recommend that you go with roller blinds. The reason is that most roller blinds are easy to clean and aren’t affected by day to day kitchen activity, but other sort of blinds can be susceptible stains and water damage.

New kitchen furniture

Think how long you’ve had your kitchen table, you probably got it years ago and now it’s likely a bit weathered from years of spilled food and ring marks from coffee. So getting a new kitchen table and chairs will bring some more life into your kitchen.

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