Sunday, June 2, 2024

Norfolk woman adds bucket to bucket list

A Norfolk woman has put a plastic bucket on her bucket list.

Pensioner Ada Pike is prepared to travel as far as Suffolk to achieve her ambition to get a new pail.


Mrs Pike, from Yarmouth, said: “My daughter told me about people writing out a Bucket List, then she showed me the film with Jack Nicholson and Lenny Henry dreaming up things to do before they died.

“She said people wanted to swim with dolphins. What an earth is the point in that when most councils have an actual swimming pool?

“Other people wanted to see the Northern Lights… well I’ve already been to the Blackpool Illuminations.

“Some idiots want to run a Marathon before they kick the bucket but that could bloody kill you.

“My old metal bucket went rusty not long after my Alf died and I never got round to replacing it. I want one of those new plastic ones. I also want a new washing up bowl so I might get both.

“I wasn’t sure where to send the bucket list so I decided on Robert Dyas in Ipswich and they will have it ready to pick up when I actually go there on my dream trip. Then I can die happy.”

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