Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Infants eager for Trans Men breast feed

British doctors to facilitate Trans Men breast feed

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) supports trans men breast feeding their babies.

RCOG feels that trans men should have a choice in this matter the same way cis-women do.

RCOG president Dr Edward Morris is implementing a draft guideline on Trans Men breast feed as well as will provide personalised care for all patients including gender diverse people.

Is it even going to be the same substance?

Trans Men breast feed and the baby’s development?

If a trans person is taking hormone replacement therapy drugs, wouldn’t that be bad for the baby?

The kids that were breastfed by trans men are inevitably going to be made fun of. Kids can be mean and they don’t care.

Which is worse, if your mother was an ex adult actress or being fed by a trans man as a baby?

Chef Gordon Ramsey wants to get his hands on Trans Men breast feed and add it to his steak sandwich. He wants to obtain the patent for this secret recipe.

Muscle milk is also in the research and development stage with trans milk. They want to offer a protein alternative for gender diverse people.

Men breast feed Popularity:

The BBC is developing a prank show where a group of people go out into the wilderness and all they have to drink is water and bottles of milk.

The milk is the trans milk but they don’t know that until the end of the episodes.

They still don’t know what they want to call the show yet since it is still in pre production.

It will be directed by Hugh Dennet, produced by Lorraine Fisher, 34, cinematography by Peter Grimes, and edited by Mr Walsh. Doug Trench will score the film.

The show should air on the BBC network sometime in 2023.

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