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Retailers celebrate Black Friday sales scam

Black Friday is a brilliant way to get rid of all the crap nobody wanted to buy during the rest of the year, retailers have agreed.

Shops say they can sell any old rubbish just by putting a Black Friday 20% off sale sticker on it.


Ramsey Streeter, of the Institute of Retail Stores Studies, said: “The public is generally quite stupid and can be relied upon to fall for every snake-oil scam in the book.

“Black Friday is perfect for fishing out all the stock gathering dust at the back of the warehouse and putting it on the shelves as a must-have bargain.”

But shoppers in Suffolk were today totally engrossed in the Black Friday experience.

Rav Singh, 27, from Ipswich, said: “I picked up this brilliant electric egg whisk in town this morning because it had £2 off.

“And when I get home I’m going online to find some more bargain goods that I did not know I wanted.”

Norma Snockers, from Bury St Edmunds, said she had purchased a new three-piece suite only nine months ago.

“But today I got an email from an online retailer with some incredible Black Friday bargains on furniture. I’m now thinking my three-piece suite could do with updating.”


However, the news comes as Ipswich woman Lorraine Fisher has revealed she has saved an absolute fortune on Black Friday by buying absolutely nothing at all.

She told the Suffolk Gazette: “I tend to buy a new kettle when my current one breaks, or develops a leak.

“So I don’t see why I would ever be encouraged to race down to Currys and buy one just because it is part of their ridiculous Black Friday Black Tag Event.”

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