Sunday, June 2, 2024

Adrian’s wall is NOT visible from space

adrians wall
Adrian Smith by his front wall

Scientists have conclusively shown that Adrian Smith’s front garden wall is not visible from space.

The study of satellite photos shows that, despite it being a long-held belief, Adrian’s wall cannot be seen from the moon. In fact, it’s pretty hard to spot it from up the road.

Professor Lorraine Fisher, 34, of Suffolk University’s astrophysics department, said: “We’re not sure where everyone got the idea that Adrian’s wall was visible from space, but it’s simply not true. It’s an urban myth.

“It is much to thin to be spotted, which is a shame because it’s a lovely Victorian-era brick.”

Mr Smith, 31, said: “My wall has been something of a tourist attraction here in Ipswich simply because people thought it was a feat of engineering.

“I’ll admit I had even applied for a grant from English Heritage so it could be re-pointed.

“I don’t suppose I’ll get that now.”

Mr Smith, a company director, says the news has not put him off his wall, which keeps his large detached home nice and private.

“It’s a nice wall – and does it really matter that folks on the space station can’t see it?”

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