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Impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry

The casino industry has always done pretty well for itself for a wide range of reasons, one of these being the fact that players not only enjoy the games but the added bonus of winning is also a great reason to play.

This reason alone is in fact usually enough to get players going in the first place, but ultimately the gaming experience at is the main thing that pulls us in most of the time. 

So what is the impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry? Overall, it is pretty positive stuff, and with the rise of digital, smartphones and gaming going hand in hand, there is a clear correlation as to how mobile gaming has gone up because our devices have too. 


This means that convenience has won here. It is somewhat ironic that in the way that the online casinos once did, mobile casinos have climbed up the popularity ranks since their inception. 

So much so in fact, that since then the growth of mobile casinos has contributed a huge 15 per cent of revenue in the gambling industry. 

Which is ironic when you think about it because only about eight years or so ago, nobody and especially not gamers saw this kind of change in gaming happen. 

Not that that is a bad thing, but what actually made this event happen and cause the mobile casinos growth? 

The short answer is that it all comes back to convenience – now we have plenty of apps on our smartphones, and it just so happens that in our day to day life we use those phones probably more than we use anything else. 

This means that the online casino industry is booming like a mobile casino, but the cross over in the two helps. 

You might find a game online for example, and decide to download it on your mobile, and in this way, you have got the best of both worlds. 

But what exactly is the impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry then? Well, as more and more of us choose to play games through our smartphones – in particularly casino games – fewer people are playing with an online casino. 

As many as 44 per cent in fact of casino gamers choose to play their games online over their smartphones and through apps rather than with online casinos. 

But, having said that, that is not to say that online casinos are failing now. Most of the casinos you can find online have more than 100 games on offer in any one catalogue, and this is growing as developers find more ways to create innovative games. 

It is also worth noting that it is not all about convenience. The user experience when it comes to gaming has rapidly improved too as with the growth of mobile gaming. 

With better graphics and better software, it is perhaps only a matter of time before mobile gaming might just overtake online casinos.

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