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7mph speed limit introduced on Suffolk roads

7mph speed restriction introduced on Suffolk roads

SUFFOLK, UK –  In a bid to tackle climate change and improve road safety, County Councils across the UK. Including those in Suffolk, have taken drastic measures by slashing the speed limit in residential areas to a snail’s pace of 7 miles per hour.

Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

The move, hailed by some as a revolutionary step towards greener and safer streets, has left many motorists grinding their gearsticks in frustration.

Significant danger

Critics of the new speed limits have been quick to voice their concerns, arguing that the restrictions will do more harm than good. They point out that driving at such a sluggish pace not only increases fuel consumption due to the constant need for clutch control and pedal pumping.

Also poses significant dangers on the road. With motorists’ attention fixated on their speedometers to ensure compliance with the draconian limits, there’s a real risk of overlooking potential hazards and obstacles ahead.

Residents in affected areas have expressed frustration and disbelief at the absurdity of the new speed limits, likening the experience of driving at 7 mph to watching paint dry or waiting for grass to grow. Some have even resorted to taking alternative routes to avoid the painfully slow crawl through their own neighbourhoods.


County Council officials, however, remain steadfast in their commitment to the green agenda and road safety targets, dismissing criticisms as mere resistance to progress. They argue that the benefits of reduced emissions and enhanced pedestrian safety far outweigh any inconvenience caused by the dawdling pace of travel.

As motorists reluctantly adjust to life in the slow lane, the debate over the efficacy of these extreme measures rages on, leaving many wondering if County Councils have taken their evangelical quest for a greener future a step too far.

Meanwhile: A 20mph maximum speed limit is to be imposed along the whole length of the A12

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