Monday, June 3, 2024

20mph limit for entire A12

A 20mph maximum speed limit is to be imposed along the whole length of the A12 in a bid to improve journey times, the Suffolk Gazette can reveal.

Experts say average travelling times along the A12 – which is Britain’s most often-repaired dual carriageway – will actually be shorter if a compulsory limit of 20mph is imposed from Romford all the way to Lowestoft on the Suffolk coast.

Professor Ron Jeremy, who has enjoyed many positions before joining the Suffolk Highways Institute of Transportation, said: “We have carefully calculated that with more than 47 miles of 40mph average speed limits on the A12, traffic backs up continuously and causes stationary tailbacks for no apparent reason.

A12 traffic

“This is especially true in the parts of the A12 which are in Essex where bloody drivers prefer to hang out of each other’s boot lids in the outside lane rather than keep a sensible distance from the car in front.”

Prof Jeremy added that SHIT’s research also concluded the contractors for the highway authority, London-based company Pish O’Takers Ltd, were usually unable to complete whatever work schedule had been made up that week because they had only three qualified staff and one spade to manage nearly 90 miles of major trunk road.

“As anyone who has travelled the A12 will tell you,” added Prof Jeremy, “There are miles and miles of red and white plastic cones, abandoned plant and vehicles and no-one to been seen working day or night, weekend or weekday.”

Traffic on the A12 at a standstill

Lady Annabel Crufts, chair of the County Council’s road traffic inhibiting committee, said: “Speed kills and if everyone is doing 20mph for absolutely no sensible reason whatsoever, everyone will be calm and safe.”

The limit will come into force over a 17-week period over the summer, just as everyone is trying to drive away quickly to their holidays.

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