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Women spend as much on Prosecco as their mortgage


The average British woman now spends as much on Prosecco as she does on her mortgage or rent, it has been confirmed.

Researchers discovered women are guzzling more of the delicious Italian sparkling wine than ever before.

And they are forking out on average £650 a month on the bottles in pubs, bars and supermarkets – as much as the average mortgage or rent payment across the country.

John Barclay, of the Institute of Retail Measurement, said: “It’s a great time to be in the Prosecco business – British women can’t get enough of it.

“Bottles are flying off the supermarket shelves and are now a staple part of any visit to the local pub.”

But medical and financial experts warned boozy ladies they could be heading for health and money problems.

Dr Phil Ward, of the Suffolk Clinic of Medical Studies, said: “If you assume an average bottle of decent Prosecco in the supermarket is £10, this shows women are drinking 65 bottles of the stuff a month to spend that £650.

“This is way above the safe alcohol limit. Cutting consumption of Prosecco by 75% is probably still not enough.

“We would recommend one glass a day – not more than two bottles.”

And George Churchill, an independent financial advisor from Bury St Edmunds added: “This spending on mortgages and rent is far too high and is not sustainable.

“Women should consider downsizing their homes if they wish to keep up their Prosecco lifestyle.”

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