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Wheel barrow sales sky high as Pound crashing

Wheel barrow sales sky high ad Pound crashing
Wheel barrow sales sky high ad Pound crashing

Sales of wheel barrows in the UK have hit an all-time high as the fallout from the plummeting UK POUND debacle takes hold.

Barrow Balls

Wheel barrows and ball barrows (the ones with a ball instead of a wheel) are usually reserved for carting heavy stuff around building sites or gardens.

The surge in sales sparked by chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘mini-budget-balls-up’ delivered this week to universal disgust across the entire universe, has been put down, not to a rise in garden waste or unwanted rubble, but rather the carrying of cash to supermarkets to pay for basic foodstuffs.

Former Bank of England Deputy Governor Charlie Broadbean told this reporter “We expect the price of staple products such as bread, sugar, milk, bog roll, sardines, and pop tarts to rise by around one million percent.

This is all Kwasi Kwarteng’s fault and has nothing to do with the global economic slowdown, the war in Ukraine, or the associated energy crises.”

Weeping Supermarket Customers

We asked Bob String, managing director of U.K. barrow manufacturer, BLC Barrows Ltd how his business was faring “Barrows are big business at the moment.

Traditionally, our biggest seller is the 85L Contractor (fully bolted) but since the pound tanked, the bigger 110L heavy duty with front-tipping bar is No.1.

It has a galvanized tubular frame which enables it to carry more cash. I don’t really know what galvanized means but I think it’s something to do with it being able to repel the tears of weeping supermarket customers at the check-out.”

With international money markets still reeling from the Tories fiscal blundering, who knows where the unit price of wheelbarrows might stop?

Whatever the number, it is likely to be diametrically opposite to the value of sterling which, at the time of writing, has GBP1.00 valued equivalent to a year’s membership of Cineworld.

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