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US Rapper 50 Cent rebrands as 1 Pound in Britain

US Rapper 50 Cent rebrands as 1 Pound in Britain

Half-priced American Rapper 50 Cent – famous for being shot when he was 12 – today announced that wishes to be known in the UK as ‘1 Pound’.

This astonishing move, which has sent a small ripple through the entertainment world, is presumably connected to the recent fall in the value of UK currency, Sterling.

Rapper 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, who at nine years old sold crack cocaine during playtime at school, broke into the music scene in the early 1990s with a generic rap song that few can remember the title of.

His paltry name was inspired by 1980s Brooklyn street robber, Kevin Martin, who was also known as Rapper 50 Cent.

Jackson said he chose the name because “I’m the same kind of person Rapper 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.” How nice.

Summary of Embroilments

The controversial rapper who, by his own admission, used to bring guns and drug money to school… to school… has, throughout his ‘glittering’ career been embroiled in endless anti-social disturbances, criminal incidents, and bitter personal feuds.

There are too many to list here but in summary it can be said that rap idol, Jackson – who is reputed to have amassed a $40 million fortune – is a drug-dealing gun-runner, vandal, and identity thief, implicated in multiple cases of arson, domestic abuse, and the cruel baiting of a partially deaf autistic boy.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Aside from his measly name, Role model, ‘Fiddy’ (‘Quid’ in the UK) has, in the past, displayed other interest in other financial and economic matters. In 2020, he endorsed Donald Trump’s election campaign due to his ‘dislike of Joe Biden’s tax plans.’ Not at all greedy then.

Despite the UK Pound’s recent rocky ride, some economists believe that the successful implementation of Kwasi Kwarteng’s policies for growth in the UK may result in an upturn in the value of Britain’s battered currency.

Should these predictions prove accurate, be prepared for more name changes from the delightful gangsta rapper… ‘Nickel’, ‘Tuppence Ha’Penny’, ‘Lady Godiva’ or plain old ‘Bob’ are all good bets.

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