Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Suffolk traffic chaos because of Road to No-where

Suffolk traffic chaos because of Road to No-where

Roads were blocked today, caused a huge traffic chaos after a Suffolk road digger,.a dumb-ass meatball of a man who displayed two signs pointing in opposite directions, directing drivers to the same place.

Did you ever wake up in the morning, unsure of exactly where you are? Or wander aimlessly around a supermarket lacking purpose and direction? Or how about try an alternative route home from work to no avail? Yes?…

Welcome to Suffolk

That’s what it feels like all the time here.

Especially when you’re driving. Britain is well known for its lack of user-friendliness. Frequently referred to as ‘rip-off Britain’. The country that we all like to believe is ‘green and pleasant’,.‘full of animal lovers’, ‘the home of democracy’, is, in actual fact, as we all know from our everyday experiences, a harsh, unsympathizing fortress of them – against us. ‘Them’ is usually rich people, whom with neither bad conscience nor shame,.hoover up the nation’s wealth and hoard it for themselves and their disgusting, spoiled offspring, leaving the rest of us to fight it out, scrabbling around for scraps in the putrid squalor of modern, dogmuck Britain.

What caused traffic chaos?

But more and more, it seems that ‘them’ is also – thick people. Really thick, stupid people like the politicians who at great expense to the public,.book aeroplanes to fly people to Rwanda but then can’t get them off the ground. Like the policemen and women who claim to want to catch criminals,.protect the public and serve the community but whom you only ever really see hiding behind trees aiming mobile speed cameras at you. Like the doctors whose surgeries are as easy to access as underground nuclear bunkers and like the person who invented the automated telephone answering systems used by all modern multinational corporations. Wankers.

Goitrous Schmucks

And so we return to Suffolk. Birthplace of the utterly incompetent, subhuman cretin. And there is nothing and no-one more incompetent and cretinous than a Suffolk County Council-employed road digger. A dufus who will park his van or flatbed truck on the road in front of you as if your vehicle can molecularly deconstruct and reappear further up the road. A butt-head-douchebag of a twerp who sets up a three-way traffic light system that permits an endless stream of cars to pass from all the other directions but only allows a 5-second window of opportunity for one or two of the cars a mile ahead of your stationary vehicle to proceed.

This country!

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