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Wally with the brolly: Watch PM Mr Bean act

Wally with the brolly
Wally with the brolly

The British Prime Minister has chosen to showcase his latest Mr Bean impression at a memorial event for police officers killed in action.

Boris Johnson chuckled along with Home Secretary Priti Patel as he first struggled to open an umbrella, then have it close unexpectedly, before putting it up again – only to see it blow inside out.

You can watch the bizarre moment in the clip below…

Some claimed it was the behaviour one might normally expect from a six-year-old child, not the Prime Minister.

But most say it was disrespectful given the nature of the event.

It’s not the first time the country has been embarrassed by a wally with a brolly.

Football fans will remember former England manager Steve McClaren…

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson will be appearing in a new episode of Mr Bean shortly.

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