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Peppa Pig, distraught after festive family reunion

Kiddie’s favourite TV swine, Peppa Pig, is said to be distraught after a planned festive reunion with family members revealed that most of them were DEAD.

Peppa, who is technically a piglet, has amassed a humungous $3.8 billion fortune since rocketing to fame in the first Peppa Pig series broadcast in 2004. Since then, the simplistic, repetitive and highly annoying show has been broadcast in over 180 countries worldwide.

Snout and about

The horrifying reunion came at the end of a lovely Xmas break for Peppa and her friends who are all her age. Peppa’s younger brother, George, was also enjoying the holidays with his friends who are his age. During their two-week break from school, they have enjoyed festive activities such as not attending playgroup, going swimming, going to the playground, and riding their battered old bikes up and down the snow-covered streets. Look Out!

Bacon roll

Rebecca Rabbit, a close friend of Peppa’s, told this reporter that on boxing day. Mummy Pig told Peppa and George that they would be popping into the local Tesco to meet with relatives who wanted to give them Christmas presents.

Rabbit, who was also at the supermarket that day continued… “When they got inside,.Peppa started to head towards the cafeteria where she assumed the meeting would take place.

As she skipped off to meet them, Daddy Pig quickly grabbed Peppa’s wrist and dragged her forcefully in the opposite direction towards the fresh meat aisle. Peppa was in shock. You could tell by the way her mouth was drawn.

Daddy Pig was blushing and had a disturbed look on his face. When they got to the pork section, Daddy picked up Peppa by her ears and threw her violently onto one of the shelves where she landed with a thud and rolled between a stack of pre-packed bacon joints. It was horrific!”

Peppa Pig, distraught after festive family reunion
Peppa Pig sad Family re-union

Oh my god. What happened next?

“Well… Daddy Pig started screaming ‘You wanted to visit your grandparents, cousins, and friends, well here they are…. Enjoy!’” Oh, dear!

Upon realizing that her beloved relatives had been slaughtered and that she and George wouldn’t be getting Christmas presents after all, Peppa reportedly blushed a little, and then experienced emotions such as sadness, irritation, bewilderment, and confusion, expressed by the way her mouth was drawn as each subsequent emotion took hold.

Series #8 of Peppa Pig continues with Episode #375 “Christmas at the abattoir”

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