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Three dramatic horse racing falls we will all remember

Horse racing is a very popular sport across the world and it’s very easy to see why.

Even if you don’t have a bet on the race, there is an excitement that comes with watching it. From the thrill as they set out to the tension that builds and builds as the finishing line comes closer.

Of course, it’s great if you win money from it but there are no guarantees, it’s all part of the experience. 

However, some losses are easier to take than others. For example, if you’ve checked out the latest odds on horse racing and decided to put a small stake on the long shot and he doesn’t win, that’s fine. But, what is not as easy to take is if your horse looks set to breeze through the race but they fall at the last. Unfortunately, that has happened – quite a lot.

With that in mind, we decided to look at some of the most dramatic collapses from over the years – don’t worry, the horses were fine, but these falls may bring back some bad memories for those that had bet on them.

Devon Loch

We’ll start with the obvious one, which we have to go a long way back to recall.

Obviously, the Grand National is the pinnacle of racing for many, so to land a win in that race is a huge deal for the jockey and the trainer. So, falling at the final stretch when a win was seemingly inevitable is less than ideal. In fact, it’s a total disaster. But, that’s exactly what Devon Loch did in 1956.

The horse, which was owned by Queen Elizabeth, inexplicably jumped in the air and fell with around 40 yards to the winning post.

Despite the fact this happened 64 years ago, it’s not something anyone connected to the horse could ever forget after the term ‘doing a Devon Loch’ was coined for anyone in sport that botches a likely victory.

Annie Power

In truth, horses fall up and down the country at different meetings when winning – it happens. Therefore to make this list you have to do it on the biggest stages of them all.

Enter, Annie Power.

The hot favourite for the race at Cheltenham had a victory in sight before falling at the last back in 2015, which no doubt prompted millions of angry people swearing at the television and going mental at Ruby Walsh. 

It’s a happy ending, however, Annie won 15 of 17 races and retired in 2017.


Sticking with Cheltenham, there was a remarkable fall in 2020, with Jamie Moore’s Goshen falling when around ten lengths clear.

A 5-2 favourite, the horse was again one that had been backed significantly by the punters and they would have been cheering and thinking about what they’d spend their winnings on as he sped home for an easy win. Then, it happened. Goshen fell and the crying of thousands of punters could be heard all across Gloucestershire.

There you have it, three of the worst falls in horse racing history and hopefully any you back won’t knock these off the list in the future.

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