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Surprise new hunky contestant joins Love Island show

Matt ‘Hanky-Panky’ Hancock joins Love Island

The long-awaited new series of Love Island kicks off tonight with a surprise last-minute contestant.

Hunky Matt, 42, is expected to be a big hit on the controversial show where couples get together in a bid to win a £100,000 prize.

The new series was delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, but Matt has plenty of hands-on experience of operating within social distancing regulations.

He is also an expert at performing in front of the camera.

ITV2 begins airing the sexy show at 9pm tonight at the Love Island villa in Majorca, which includes a new hideaway where couples can get down and dirty.

New contestant Matt ‘Hanky-Panky’ Hancock is a massive hit with the ladies and is already a red-hot favourite to win his share of the £100,000 prize.

Insider Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Our viewers will love seeing how Matt sidles up to the ladies and wins them over, one by one.

“He’s also keen to win the prize money to help him pay for his upcoming divorce.”

Viewers will be in for a treat as they see what Matt gets up to behind closed doors.

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