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Suffolk shopkeeper caught selling HUMAN BURGERS

Controversial Suffolk shopkeeper shows customers his human side

Bury St Edmunds’ controversial supermarket, has once again landed in hot water after adding “Human Burgers” to its meat counter.

By Our Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

This comes only weeks after a series of mislabelled meat products left vegetarian and vegan customers feeling ill.

Run by the indefatigable Sadiq Cant and his wife, Sue. The store has quickly garnered attention for its budget-friendly offerings and quirky alternatives to more established chains. However, their innovative approach might have crossed a line this time.

The latest controversy erupted when the human burgers made their debut, nestled comfortably between the pork sausages and beef steaks. The sight left many shoppers doing a double take and wondering if they had wandered into a horror movie instead of their local grocery store.


Only a few weeks prior, plant-based customers experienced a puking nightmare. When they purchased what they believed to be meat substitutes. These unsuspecting shoppers, expecting to enjoy a vegan feast. Instead found themselves chomping on genuine joints of ham and other meats, mislabelled as “plant-based.”

Congo wrong with a human burger

Sadiq Cant, undeterred by the uproar, seemed nonchalant about introducing the cannibal-friendly burgers. “Whaaaat? It’s only a bit of human innit!” he told the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, attributing the idea to a recent holiday he and his wife took in the Congo.

“They were a big bluddy hit in the jungle. You should try one. Tastes like chikun.” he added, with a shrug that suggested he genuinely believed this would catch on in Suffolk.

As the saga of Strawberry Local continues, one thing is clear: the Cants are committed to keeping their store in the headlines, even if it means pushing the boundaries of good taste—and legality. Whether this latest stunt will attract adventurous eaters or drive customers away remains to be seen.

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