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Halesworth Butcher slaughters Disney favourites

Halesworth Butcher slaughters Disney favourites

HALESWORTH, SUFFOLK – John Savage Butchers Shop in Halesworth, Suffolk, is gearing up for a cinematic feast this year.

Seeking to inject a dash of drama into the festive meat market, the butcher is offering cuts from classic movies. Creating a menu that’s as eclectic as it is audacious.

For those with a penchant for animated nostalgia, Savage’s shop proudly features Rabbit from the iconic ‘Watership Down’. A choice that combines furry charm with culinary curiosity. Venison enthusiasts can sink their teeth into cuts sourced from none other than Disney’s beloved ‘Bambi,’ adding a touch of sick whimsy to the traditional Christmas roast.

Chicken flick

Savage’s audacious offerings don’t stop there. The butcher shop is promoting pork cuts straight from the heartwarming film ‘Babe. Ensuring that customers will have a side of nostalgia with their Christmas ham.

In a nod to the farmyard, lamb from ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’, chicken from ‘Chicken Little’, and duck from Disney’s Donald Duck films round out the cinematic selection.

As Halesworth locals debate the morality of dining on characters that have warmed the hearts of audiences worldwide. There’s a buzz of anticipation about what other movie-inspired delicacies might appear on the butcher’s counter.

Will there be chops from ‘Dumbo,’ steaks from  ‘The Planet of the Apes,’ or perhaps a daring venture into the world of ‘Jurassic Park’ sausages?

Halesworth Anthropomorphist Christian Butcher

Critics argue that Savage’s cinematic approach to butchery blurs the lines between fiction and reality, but the butcher remains undeterred. “Our unique menu is a way to bring a touch of Hollywood magic to the festive table.

Even if it means confronting the uncomfortable reality that even in good Christian societies. Disney characters are ultimately dumb animals there to be eaten.” said the unrepentant anthropomorphist Christian butcher.

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