Sunday, June 2, 2024

Suffolk Gazette moves corporate HQ

Britain’s leading newspaper, the Suffolk Gazette has officially completed its £4 million headquarters move to The Greyhound pub in Ipswich.

Media mogul, Ipswich copywriter and Gazette founder Simon Young confirmed board meetings will take place on a “very regular” basis at the swanky corporate HQ in Henley Road.

Key facilities at The Greyhound Ipswich include a regular supply of well-kept Adnams beer, chef Brian’s tasty steak pies and friendly staff.


Mr Young said: “The Gazette corporate team needed an HQ with important facilities like beer. This helps the creative process and the production of world-beating news investigations like the police Apache helicopter blowing up a vicarage.”

Board meetings will be held at The Greyhound at weekends, plus some extraordinary meetings will be called on some midweek evenings, most probably when Ipswich are playing at home.


The new line-up of the Suffolk Gazette board was also revealed today by the company’s corporate communications director, Simon Young.

He said finance director Mr S Young had started this week, joining marketing director S Young, HR director S J Young and Editorial director, er, Simon Young.

The Greyhound landlord Dan Lightfoot today welcomed the news.

“What landlord wouldn’t want Simon Young as a customer?” he said.


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